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Client modules in the Aviantes-Business-Application-Framework

Like the server the client is a container for subject-specific modules that are integrated into it. An administrator sets up the position where these modules appear in the menu tree. Moreover he/she determines which roles have the right to use these modules and how they may use it (editing allowed, deleting allowed and so on). All these settings are done in a management module provided by the framework.

Standard CRUD modules (Create - Read - Update - Delete) for processing data records can be created very easily and fast by using XML files. Initially no programming is required to create a fully functional module. If this module needs specific features, it will be extended using Java code. This has the following advantages:

Other modules which need special functionalities or user interfaces will be implemented completely in Java. A developer has all possibilities Java offers in this case.

Users can open any number of modules in the client. So they can switch quickly between the opened modules. One module can be opened several times to process different data rows whenever this is reasonable and the module allows it. The modules can be visualized in different ways for example as MDI or SDI application or within tabs in one window (see Screenshots).